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Aug 30, 2009 4:30pm EDT
incendio muy, muy agresivo. >> avanza por las montaÑas de san gabriel hacia el norte, sur y este. estan sintiendo los efectos del espeso humo y cenis, algunas escuelas han suspendido las clases. >> la principal preocupaciÓn de las autoridades, es que tiene todas las condiciones necesarias para seguir extendiendose, impulsado por un clima seco y temperaturas muy altas. >> ademÁs de colinas y montaÑas que en algunas zonas no se han quemado por mÁs de dos dÉcadas. >> en los Ángeles, liliana escalante. al otro lado del paÍs calles inundadas algunos residentes tuvieron que abandonar sus hogares momentÁneamente luego de que las aguas inundaran los sÓtanos de sus viviendas. >> 10 hombres abrieron fuego contra un grupo de jÓvenes que estaban reunidos en la calle, segÚn las autoridades, las vÍctimas serían 6 hombres y dos mujeres. >> tras ser exonerado Ésta semana en los estados unidos el empresario de origen chino y taúiemhlfkph@hÉxi en h@emdwókel vecino paÍs serí enjuiciado por producto trÁfico de medicamentos. >> en colombia el ejÉrcito y el departamento administrativo de
Aug 30, 2009 4:00am EDT
idaho, washington, oregon and montana still need to be harvested. >>> now we would like to take a moment to invite you to a couple of events we're hosting this week at the farm progress show. first up is a taping of our marketing round table this week at the exhibit area. the discussion gets going at 12:30 on that first day of the show. the next day, i'll talk policy and production. that program begins at 2:00 at the verse tile tractor exhibit area. the first 100 visitors for our wednesday program will receive a free cap from verse tile. that's it for the headlines. back to john for crop watch. ♪[music] >> crop watch begins in louisiana. corn harvest is about 80% complete. yields on ears are hitting 240- bushels to the acre. dry land is 40-bushels to the acre. in illinois, a farmer who checked his corn planted on may 30th saw a lot of small kernels. he doubts he will make it before first frost. one farmer sprayed on a good looking soy crop. he was counting nearly 1,000 per plant. in the northeast region of arkansas, a farmer writes august-degree units are usually around 22 per d
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Aug 30, 2009 4:00pm EDT
and we ran into a couple of crews from montana. we have been watching throughout date. there have been water dropping helicopters and forest service crews in the rough terrain. that is one of the factors, more resources on the ground and better weather conditions. they are hoping that firefighters get a better handle on this today. >> anita, thank you. >>> a thick gray cloud hovering over the angeles national forest. you can see how close those flames are. this is the city of pasadena you are looking at. it's a very populated city. smoke and haze not to mention the smell lingering in the area. if you have pictures of the fire send them to us. we my decide to put the pictures on tv but don't put yourself in harm's way. >> gregg: high temperatures is helping fuel this dangerous fire. they are in the midst of a five-day heat wave. they are trying bring the flames under control. any relief in sight. let's go to our meteorologist, any help on the way with mother nature. >> three to five days it will be very hot in the western part of the united states. we have a big ridge sitting right
Aug 30, 2009 10:30am EDT
that. >> the president had town meetings in montana, north of wyoming, and then in colorado, south of wyoming and said that if you have a program you like, you can keep and in the same speech, he said we would eliminate medicare advantage which is to 10 million american citizens. i am sure there are people like you today -- we really have 3000 in wyoming -- when they put the program in place, it was intended for people in cities and people in rural communities. that is louisiana. i had the privilege to tour the newly opened new orleans state medical university medical area. it is stated the art. doctors around the world will come their to learn things about computer simulations surgery. i am an orthopedic surgeon. it is beautiful what they have therefore cardiologists and for general surgeons and four medical students, four nurses, positions, it is absolutely incredible. they also have a program to help train physicians to practice in rural louisiana, to help them go through a program with help for their tuition so they will stay after they've graduate to be pediatricians, obstetricia
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4